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Project Inclusion

Women Empowerment

Inclusive AI

The Montreal Global Shapers are in a continuous pursuit of making an impact on their communities. Amongst many other issues, one issue that is prevalent right now is the lack of accessibility in Montreal. Following the same values of the Global Shapers, our mission is to build an inclusive community by tackling this issue, raising awareness of the lack of accessibility. With the use of the AccessNow app, the team will be able to pinpoint numerous locations throughout several communities in Montreal that are and are not accessible. The app allows one to find a location, mark it as accessible friendly, and give a brief description of it. Moreover, this app is available on all the major platforms (i.e. Website, Apple Store and Play Store). Using this app will allow us to expand our outreach by incorporating the public in our mission to create a more accessible and friendly community.


Team Members: Nayem Alam, Charlotte Jacob Mcguire, Daniel Tarantino, Ikram Mecheri, Sarin Picard & Sabrina Sassi 

Financial empowerment is a means to female empowerment. Female immigrants are particularly more at risk of having lower rates of financial knowledge than both Canadian-born women and male immigrants. This project aims first to improve knowledge of financial options, financial services, use of those services (ability-based) and second to improve the confidence of women when it comes to financial/economic matters (disrupt the status quo); and also to highlight examples of role models who are financially empowered women for newcomers to Canada, particularly females between the ages of 30-50 years. The Montreal Hub hopes to make this process as iterative and user-centric as possible. First, research will be undertaken to better understand both the challenges to financial literacy in for female newcomers and the existing initiatives in the space of financial literacy and newcomers. Next, the hub will develop and administer a survey in Montreal-area organizations to derive content for a financial literacy course that will be delivered through in-person workshops and online videos. This content will be developed through a gender lens and opportunities for scale. Montreal Shapers will also use new and existing partners to deliver this content. Finally, the hub will monitor outcomes and adjust the end product as necessary.


Team Members: Sinthusha Kandiah, Aminka Belvitt, Andrea Zhu, Ikram Mecheri, Nirushaa Senthilnathan, Nayem Alam, Martina Buschal, Alexa MacLean, Phaedra de Saint-Rome, Viva Dadwal & Sarin Picard

Nobody knows how the most advanced algorithms do what they do. What are the governance structures needed to hold artificial intelligence (AI) accountable? And how do we ensure AI services are used as a responsible, inclusive tool for the next generation?Montreal hub will work with AI research and development centres to host inclusive roundtables, town halls and consultations to put traditionally marginalized stakeholders at the same drawing board as the city’s leading software engineers and technology business managers. This will be done not in elite boardrooms and conference halls, but local community centres, food shelters and local libraries.As Montreal evolves into a major centre for AI, Shapers will also aim to develop the city’s professional standards and codes of ethics applicable to AI workers and pre-emptively make recommendations to local and provincial policymakers to adapt regulations and social programs before the flood of capital limits the city’s affordable housing supply, an important lesson learned from cities like San Francisco, Toronto and Vancouver.


Team Members: Daniel Tarantino, Viva Dadwal, Alexa MacLen, Aminka Belvitt, Charlotte Jacob Mcguire, Andrea Zhu, Ikram Mecheri, Nirushaa Senthilnathan & Brandon Silver



Refugee Integration

Shoulder to Shoulder

One of the biggest obstacles for refugees to establish themselves and thrive in any community is finding their first job. The Canadian government gives refugees financial support for around a year but often many are left jobless and without any money after that point.

To make this process easier the Montreal Hub will set up a CV clinic to bring together those with expertise in Human Resources to help create or refine the CVs of those arriving in Montreal and to help give them tips on how the Canadian and Montreal specific job market functions, best practices for interviews, etc. After this session, the Montreal Hub will find companies looking to hire refugees and put together a job fair that refugees who attended the CV clinic and others will be invited to. They hope to attract companies from a variety of industries and sectors by communicating to them the benefits of hiring refugees and making them aware of grants, etc that the Canadian government and other organizations have set aside for those who are hiring newly arrived refugees. Both the companies looking to fill positions and the refugees looking for jobs equally benefit from this process.


Team Members: Daniel Tarantino, Viva Dadwal, Alexa MacLen, Andrea Zhu, Nirushaa Senthilnathan, Simon Labrecque, Zied Touzani, Brandon Silver & Sinthusha Kandiah

Systemic discrimination continues to exist in Montreal. This project aims to promote understanding and allyship amongst various equity seeking groups. In particular, this project uses art as a platform to unite groups through a series of monthly gatherings. Subsequently, workshops will be held to initiate co-creation of solutions around commonly identified social inclusion barriers faced by members of these communities.



Team members: Sabrina Sassi, Sinthusha Kandiah, Nirushaa Senthilnathan, Ikram Mecheri, Nayem Alam and Viva Dadwal