Anoosha Lalani

About Anoosha

  • McGill University Student in Accounting

Anoosha Lalani is a third year student majoring in Accounting with a concentration in Entrepreneurship. Having lived in Pakistan, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and Poland, she has acquired a global perspective. Her experiences in developing countries have shaped her desire to bring about social change.

In 2014, she authored a fictional novel depicting a Pakistani protagonist, exploring a culture not often positively portrayed in mainstream young adult literature. In 2016, she spent her summer interning at the Jeanne Sauvé Foundation as part of McGill’s Social Economy Initiative Impact Internship Program, matching top undergraduate students with social organizations. She has also been involved as President of Ink Movement, an organization empowering youth to engage in creative expression, and as an executive member of P[h]assion at McGill, promoting HIV/AIDS awareness. She aspires to work with non-profit organizations and provide a disciplined approach to improving the effectiveness of governance, risk management and control processes so as to ensure that those intended are truly benefiting.

Published Works